| pallet: a portable platform used in the transportation of goods |

palate: taste sensation |

Pallets & Palates: Placing Taste is a community-oriented research project that facilitates conversations about the sense of taste in relationship to systems of food distribution and transportation.

The design is a platform of stations constructed from collected pallets. This built-environment will encourage visitors to observe and reflect on the ways in which the sense of taste is structured around our various relationships to food. In July the project will serve as a site to expand this investigation with other artists, gardeners, farmers and writers through workshops, presentations and performances.

// PALLET //

Pallets have revolutionized the speed of commercial transactions. Its mobility is efficient and its structure is reusable. It is a form that is simple, there is a surplus of these materials that are accessible to reuse outside of its function in the industry. When the pallet is reconfigured into furniture it is becoming a station for rest, conversations and food.The familiar, aesthetics of the pallet is comforting style. Even when it is appropriated and reconstructed it still holds a form.

// PALATE //

Palate, the roof of the mouth, was once considered the seat of the sense of taste. This sensation of flavor contributes to the experience of food. Exploring the ways in which the palate defines our relationship to home, health and community. A palate can have a range of 5 basic tastes: sweet, sour, salt, bitter and umami. What do these forms look like? How does it affect our experience with food? How does taste encourage us to understand the ways food is cooked and grown? Where does taste come from?